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We are retiring - see below

After 26+ years we are closing the shop. More down on the right.

Jannette Jackson

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When our lease is complete on September 30, we expect to have sold out all merchandise and fixtures. It has been wonderful knowing all of you, but we are both in our 70's and tired, so we will RE-tire and go on with our lives. We expect to provide some services, such as quilting and sewing machine service from our home, so call, or email, on the regular store number.

Aurifil & Gutermann Threads

Full Floriani Dealer

Old Town Needlecrafts is the area's full Floriani dealer with embroidery threads, stabilizers, design patterns, design software, and now the new chrome plated needles.


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A Little Shop History

Twenty-six years ago in February I was taking a short-cut to my job at a local doctor's office when I discovered the cute little shops in the Old Town Center in Manassas.  I saw Creative Country and because it had a spinning wheel on the sign, I thought it might be a knitting shop.  The first chance I got, I went to check it out only to find out that it was a home decorating shop.  The shop next door was empty though and an idea was born.  I got busy seeing what I had to do to start a knit shop.  Cross-stitch got added to the mix even before I opened the door.  In two years I had outgrown my cute little shop on Main Street, so I moved to Cavalry Village. 

Although I am in a different unit than where I started, I have spent the last twenty-four years in Cavalry Village.  We added Needlepoint and Quilting  and Elna Sewing machines to the mix as we grew.  The years have gone by so quickly.  I have several customers who have been with me through my whole journey.  I just amazes me when I see them and realize that I first met them in my shop and I've known them for twenty-five years.  We have seen our children grow up, go off to college, get married and give us grandchildren and now it is grandchildren going off to college and getting married.  This shop has given me more than good customers; it has given me people to share experiences with.  My life is so rich because of all of you. Thank you for your loyalty. 



Abby, our official greeter!


Abby's Halloween costume.

Row by Row Experience 2015

Above is our 2015 row.  This year the theme is water and after bandying around several ideas and nixing them because I was afraid that everyone else would think of the same thing, I came up with the above design, "Raining Cats and Dogs."  It helped that it was raining really hard, the store was empty at the time and I was bored.  I came up with two versions again this year because when I went to order the fabric that is in the second version, and there was a drought in water fabric.  Version 1 was done from fabric already in the store, but the fabric for that one is not available anymore so that one is a limited version.  One of our vendors did a miracle and found four bolts of the rain fabric in version 2, but I had to change the idea anyway because the scale of the rain was too big for the original.  Therefore, there is a Version 2 and there is plenty of that, I think.  I personalized both versions by putting a "photo to fabric" print of Abby, our shop dog, in the umbrella and in the "O" in version 2.  I had a lot of fun making both versions and I hope you will enjoy it, too. 

This year's row by row begins on Sunday, June 21st.   Normally, we are not open on Sundays, but we will make an exception for this kick-off and be open from 1-5 p.m. We realize that some people may be in the area for that week-end and we wouldn't want to miss you if you are one of those travelers.  The season runs this year from June 21st to September 8, 2015.  For all the details go to

We have fabric plates again. (Still have about five from last year.)  This year the plates say "Quiltologist".  My definition is "one who studies and enjoys quilts."  This includes all those make quilts.  We have added pins from the Pin Peddler.  Go check out the row by row website and start planning your trip.  Please include us.


Old Town Needlecrafts offers full service for sewing machines

Old Town Needlecrafts is an authorized Elna/Necchi dealership.  As such we offer full service on these brands as well as others.  Roger Jackson is our repairman, on site.  His background as a mechanical engineer for IBM (30 years) and two other companies, most of these years in quality control, and his training with Elna on sewing machine service and repair makes him uniquely qualified to do this kind of service.  Your machine is in good hands when you bring it to Old Town Needlecrafts and it will receive the top quality workmanship that you should expect.  Roger is retired from his other job pursuits and is available on regular hours.  Turn-arounds are relatively short for service with emergency same day service available much of the time, unless parts have to be ordered.

I believe that you will also find our prices competitive.  An honest estimate of the cost of repairs is given before repairs are made.


$10 Block of the Month


This block of the month is nearly over.  The last date is June 20th because we have to be away on June 27th.  We have had a really good time and everyone's blocks are fantastic.  Because this was a scrappy quilt, there are no two quilts alike.  Can't wait to see the finished products.

Machine Embroidery Tips

We have the stabilizers, threads, design discs, and the digitizer programs.  I have been "testing" the products and really like them.  Many of these products, such as, the Floriani Scissor set, would be excellent gifts. 

Even though I have had an embroidery machine in my home for at least 11 years and I had classes on how to use the different ones I have had, there was still a lot I did not know and there is still a lot more for me to learn.   While testing these products I have learned a lot about what works well and what doesn't when embroidering.  Here are some of the tips I can share from my recent efforts.

1. The right stabilizer is crucial to the outcome of the product.  The Floriani chart is very helpful in choosing the right stabilizer. Toppings for fabrics with pile makes a much better embroidery on towels.

2. Another thing I learned is to check the tension balance on the machine I am working on.  Auto is great for regular sewing, BUT is most likely too tight for embroidery.  You should see the color on the back of your work and it should fill without leaving spaces.

3.  I, also, have learned that I really enjoy Pickle Pie Designs and Lunch Box Designs which use a combination of embroidery and applique in the hoop.  Floriani thread gives a wonderful sheen on the satin stitch. 

I'm ending up with lots of samples.  Come in and look.