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  • Lifting the brass lever opens the jaws of the clamp.
    • (The wide slot around the lever allows the lever to shift in a slight counterclockwise fashion to accommodate a jaw opening of over 2 inches.)
  • Easily slip the clamp over the edge of the backing and bring the jaws together by pressing the brass lever toward the top jaw.
  • When the lever is pressed to bring it parallel to the jaw it will be latched and firmly gripping the backing.
    • The vertical backside of the jaws between the edge and the first hinge has a taper that allows the backing to curve through the back edge of the clamp in case the top or bottom of the backing has a sharp curve.
  • Bring the Velcro (loop surface) strap over the side of the stand frame and give a moderate pull. Then lower the strap to hook into the Velcro (hook surface) on the frame.
  • When ready to roll the quilt and reposition, just lift the brass lever to release the clamp's grip and set the clamp on the table surface.
  • After rolling the quilt, just reposition the clamp on the backing and latch it. You are ready to resume quilting.
    • The strap does not need to be adjusted because you reapplied the tension when you brought the clamp back to the backing.

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