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Quilt Clamp Info

                                            Jannette's Professional Quilt Clamp
works on all backing fabrics, including Minky.

  • Top and bottom shells and strap bracket are made of high grade sheet aluminum.
    • Precision stamped for size, holes, and slots, and accurately formed by a US company.
    • Shells are premium powder coated by a local company.
    • Total weight of the quilt clamp is approximately 6.5 ounces. (First class mail is up to 1 ounce per stamp.)
  • Double action lever is solid brass
    • Precision stamped by the same US company as the shells.
    • Lever securely latches the shells together for attachment and opens it wide to over 2 inches for quick capture of the fabric when applying the clamp.
      • The wide slots are engineered to allow the lever to angle just right to get the big-mouth (2" +) opening that can go over any fabric quickly.
  • Solid brass rivets and steel pins purchased from a US source.
  • Miniature hinges are solid brass.
  • The edge of the shells have a high traction foam tape to provide a strong grip on the backing fabric.
  • Each tension strap is six feet long with a quality elastic strip for constant tension and a Velcro section for easy attachment to the frame.
  • Shell is 18 inches wide.
  • Clamps (strap included) are sold as pairs to allow balance on both sides.

Here's how it works:
  •  Initial installation - simply:
    • Open the wide mouth with the brass lever.
    • Easily slip it over the backing fabric.
    • Press the brass lever down to latch shut.
    • Pull the Velcro strap to provide tension with the elastic section.
    • Secure the Velcro strap onto the Velcro hook tape on your stand's frame. (Hook tape may be easily applied if your machine does not have it.)
  • The clamp will provide uniform leveling on the fabric with its special high traction foam rubber grips on the lips of the clamp.
  • Once the Velcro strap position on the frame has been established for this quilt, it does not need to be changed again until the next quilt:
  • Secure the batting and piecework across the top and then up the sides with your machine.
  • Advance the quilt "sandwich" by rolling.
    • Just release the clamp pressure and set the clamp on the table.
    • Roll the quilt.
    • Lift the brass lever.
    • Slip the clamp on again.
    • Latch with the brass lever.
    • Resume securing, or quilting.
  • Repeat the above to secure the quilt sandwich, including basting from side to side and return to the top.
  • Proceed to quilt rows, custom quilting, or whatever you desire - all while rolling quickly from one section to another with Jannette's quick action clamp.

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