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Strip Club starting, Spring classes scheduled, a special challenge

Hello everyone,

If you have been on the site recently you may have seen our spring cleaning challenge.  If not, let me tell you about it.  Have you been having the winter "blahs", not wanting to do anything?  Is the gray weather getting to you?  Then join our challenge and drive those blahs away.  We will reward you for it.  Check the home page of the newsletter for a detailed description and what to do.

Another way to jumpstart spring is to look into learning something new.  The next knitting classes and a quilt class as well as a new strip club have just been posted.

I am particularly excited about the strip club.  Most of you may know that part of my old location is going to be a nano-brewery.  When I found that out my first reaction was that since there was already a gun store,the only thing that was missing from this plaza  was a strip club.  My next thought was that I could help out with that!  This isn't what the guys might expect though.  This one is going to be for the girls ( we might let a guy join as long as he sews) and it has nothing to do with removing anyone's clothes. Instead, we are going to explore ways to use 2 1/2 inch strips to create quilts, clothes (that you can put on)  and other things. Check out the classes for a more detailed description.  Hope you will come join us.