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Happy Thanksgiving

Just taking a minute to wish you a happy holiday. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day; a time with family and friends and a time to reflect on the blessings you have received this year. Sometimes when the economy or our families or other situations present challenges we wish we didn't have to face, it is not as easy to be thankful. It is easy to get into a pattern of complaining and wishing things could be like they used to be when life was easier. This last year has had its ups and downs for me also; however, I think there are many things I can be thankful for.

1. Customers who are also friends. When my mother had her stroke this summer so many of you came in and called just to see how she was doing. That meant so much. I am happy to report that she has made somewhat of a comeback. At 92 it would be hard to expect a full recovery; but, she is up on her walker again a little bit and she is able to talk again enough to communicate her needs. It is still hard for her. As late as September and early October things were still not very good, so, the fact that she is here is a wonder and that she can do anything for herself is a miracle.

2. I am thankful that my oldest son was able to find employment immediately when his other job was ending. Being an engineer in construction is difficult in times like these. A wife, four children (1 in college), the other three high school and younger, he needs to be employed.

3. I am thankful for being an American citizen. When I read the papers and see what is happening around the world, I am glad I am here. I am grateful to those who so sacrificially work to preserve our freedoms and for their families who also sacrifice when their loved ones are away.

4. I am thankful for those who taught me to knit, sew and do needlework. What great de-stressing activities, plus it gives me a way to share myself with others. Giving gifts I have made is, hopefully, giving warm fuzzies, because it wasn't just money spent - it was my time and thinking of the recipient.

5. I am thankful that I can express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father and not be afraid for my life.

There is much more I could add. I am sure you have your own list . So Happy Thanksgiving!