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Civil War Tribute reminder and other news

Can't believe it is February already and the middle at that. Are you sick of snow yet? I hope none of you had any major disasters and I hope you have all been getting some knitting and quilting and stitching done with all these snow days. It would be a bummer to be snowed in without a project or two. Last month was so busy I didn't get a chance to write a note. We started the Civil War Tribute block of the month and also the Moda Greenpiece block of the month. I still have room in the Greenpiece one. Also, I have decided to offer to start another Civil War Tribute group if there is enough interest. Three people have approached me about it in the last two days. I will need to know by February 28th so I can order the patterns. The deal is the same as the last time - $21/month with 10% off if paid in full before you begin.

Just a reminder, tomorrow, February 13th, the second block in the Civil War Tribute quilt will be given out.

Next Saturday is the second Greenpiece block and the following Saturday is the next Selvages block. Also, barring any snow storms, Thursday the 25th is stitch night and also Greenpiece wool applique night at 7:00 p.m. Call with any questions. (703)330-1846.

New spring fabrics are coming in. Garden Party from Moda came in today and Leading Ladies from Northcott came in yesterday and there is more. That means the sale rack is also full so we can start to make room for the new stuff. Same with the yarns. It may be walls of snow outside, but we have spring colors in yarns and pretty florals in fabrics.

The end of this month I will be posting new classes. Right now i"m trying to keep the ones I have made up. This weather can't last forever. Think spring!

One more announcement: Penny Bacastow will be coming to return finished quilts and pick up ones to be quilted February 21st at 2:00 p.m. instead of this Sunday afternoon. They had a little more snow than we did and they are coping with some of the aftermath.

If you have a snow project that you finished e-mail me with a photo and I will try to put it on the site so we can show off what we did during the storm.