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We are still here for now


Many of you have been by and already know this information, but for those who haven't, here is the "skinny" on what is going on. 

In December we were working with a possible buyer for the shop.  We got the information ready so we could work out a deal, then did not hear anymore from her.  After several weeks we assumed that she was no longer interested.  In the meantime, I had begun inventory on the yarns.  It is now complete - big YEA! - and is accurate.  I finished it because I thought that at least we would not be chasing "ghost balls". 

We have been having sales (unadvertised) all along.  I was ready to have the big "sell off"  when another prospective buyer has shown up.  I have given my word that I will give her time to see if it is feasible for her.  I think she is a better candidate from background and from the fact that I have known her for a number of years.  For now, we are in hold mode.  We are continuing sales.  Some things are at 40% off.  Most things are 25-30% off.  Come in for details.