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Old Town Needlecrafts update


Just to fill everyone in on what is going on.  We are in the process of doing the financial work in order to sell the shop.  We do have a serious buyer and we are working on going forward.  The paper work seems to take more time than I thought it would, but it does look like the shop will be able to stay open and I will get to retire for sure soon.

In the meantime we did one last "hurrah trip" to our favorite fabric warehouse in NC and the fabrics were just too much to resist.  Those of you looking for college material for your favorite college bound student can find several of the fabrics here.  Among them are Penn State, VA Tech, WVU, Florida, NC and some I can't remember.  Also, for the young set we found several fabrics by Timeless Treasures.  One of the sweetest was Wildflower Fairies.  For the cartoon lovers, we found Pickles and Kyla.  One of the great finds was 106" batik backings which do not have to be used as backings at all.  There are some new white on whites, too.  All in all, there are at least 160 new additions to the shop.

Many of you have been asking about classes.  Classes wil resume when the new owner takes over assuming that all goes as planned. 

All sales are still continuing for the present time and special orders can still be placed.

Since we anticipate getting things turned over in March or at least by April, I have a request.  If you have gift cards or store credits, please use them now.  Since the "deals" were made during my watch, I wouldn't want the new owner to be the one to make them "good" for the customer.   Thank you, and I hope to see you soon.