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Summer schedule

Hello to everyone.
I know this is a busy time of the year and with graduations, end of school activities, weddings for some of you, and outdoor parties, vacations, and gardening and other stuff, it is hard to find time for some of the other things you want to do.( e.g. knitting, crocheting, quilting, stitching.)  Don't get frustrated! Summer is going to get into a routine real soon and you will get some of that personal time back again.
Summer is a great time to try something new or to return to something you haven't done in a while.  I like to stitch in the summer.  It seems cooler that knitting and it travels well.  I still do a lot of quilting when I am home, but it is easier to take something small on trips.  If you haven't stitched in a while and you need encouragement to get started, come join us on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 pm.  Those projects are not finishing themselves in the closet.  I know that for a fact.  Either that or all the little elves are at your house instead of mine.
The new class schedule is on line.  We just started a new beginner knitting class Tuesday evening.  There is, however, one spot left and the class is easily made up if you would like to join.  Call and we will get you set up.  We are offering a beginning sewing class this summer.  Check that one out, also.  I expect to add more classes soon.  Block of the month schedule is Civil War Tribute is this Saturday, June 12th, Greenpiece is June 19th and Selvages is June 26th.  This should be the last Selvages, but because it is another block plus finishing we are extending it to July for the last meeting - a bonus!
The next bit of news is that there is a World Wide Knit in Public Day scheduled for this weekend, June 12,2010 at the Kitty Pozer Garden, 3999 University Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030 from 10 am to 2 pm.  For more information you may contact Angelica Sauceda at 214-727-3160 or e-mail at angelica  You may also check out
 Hope you have a great summer.  Enjoy your family and friends and make this a good one.